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Social Media for Students – good or bad?

While we know that you have to be 18 years of age in order to sign up to most social media sites, we also know that kids are smart.  So, its suffice to say that most students are on social media in one form or another.  But should social media…

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missing children

Children go missing – FACT!

It may be a fact that children go missing, but what can we do about it? We may not have the milk box strategy of the US, but South Africans are very aware of the problem. According to stats from 2013, taken from the South African Police Service Missing Persons…

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scary apps

Scary Apps your kids should never download

Our kids are geniuses, at least when it comes to traversing through smart devices and all the millions of apps floating around.  Watch any 3-year-old swipe their way around a tablet or smartphone, and you will be gobsmacked in wonder.  But, there are some scary apps your kids should never…

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