right age

Children and Cell Phones – what is the right age?

Nowadays, the pressure to buy your child a cell phone is on a par with the dilemma parents felt when Heelies came out (those shoes with wheels on), when miniskirts were in, and when ear piercing was the trend.  You want to give your kid all you didn’t have, but…

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scary apps

Scary Apps your kids should never download

Our kids are geniuses, at least when it comes to traversing through smart devices and all the millions of apps floating around.  Watch any 3-year-old swipe their way around a tablet or smartphone, and you will be gobsmacked in wonder.  But, there are some scary apps your kids should never…

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dating apps

The Danger of Dating Apps – what young women should be aware of

We do everything online nowadays, from shopping to fitness, from banking to chatting.  So, it’s not surprising that dating has turned to the online portals too.  But young women should be very aware of the danger of dating apps.

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