Scary Apps your kids should never download

Our kids are geniuses, at least when it comes to traversing through smart devices and all the millions of apps floating around.  Watch any 3-year-old swipe their way around a tablet or smartphone, and you will be gobsmacked in wonder.  But, there are some scary apps your kids should never download.

We, mostly sit there and marvel, making comments like, “Wow, these kids nowadays” or “My toddler knows their way around my phone better than I do.”

Yes, hilarious, marvellous, but downright scary too.

We do, of course, need to teach our kids the new technology, as it will be a big part of their future, in both schooling and professionally.  But, not knowing the dangers of social media, online platforms, and gaming worlds, will be to the detriment of both your kids and you.

In particular, it has become known that there are a few free downloadable scary apps, which your kids should steer away from.

We suggest that you even block the download of these apps on all of their devices. Yes, we are that serious about it.

So, what are these so-called scary apps?

scary apps

  1. Snapchat

This is one that most of us know about.  While you may just use it to create funny images and videos of you wearing odd animal ears, distorted face filters and dancing around like a silly clown, the app is known as the ‘sexting app”.  If you are not completely aware of what sexting is, we urge you to read of our Teen Sexting blog, which gives you the lowdown on Teen Sexting and the risks. While the video or photos only last for a certain amount of time on the app, if sent to someone, there is no reason why the user cannot save a screen shot and keep it forever.

  1. Pheed

Aimed at 14 to 25-year olds, this app is very popular with teens.  It is, essentially, the new “Twitter” but with functionalities similar to Vine and Snapchat.

  1. Creepy

The name says it all and should be a good reason to steer clear, but like with all risqué things, it only draws the user in more.  Creepy has geolocation data built into it that allows the user to pin point exactly where the other users are, in real time.  This rates high up on the super scary apps ratio!

  1. fm

Available online and as an app, where the users can connect with others anonymously and ask whatever questions they want.  While that doesn’t seem too scary, think about some hairy, 40-something man texting your 10-year-old.  Super scary!

  1. Girls Around Me

Clearly aimed at male users or lesbians, this app is able to connect with other online platforms, such as Facebook and Four Square, using the geolocation technology to pinpoint other user’s exact whereabouts.  It is reported that many sex offenders have used this app to locate their victims.

There are many other scary apps we suggest you and your kids do not download, but our message is not a new one.  We urge you to educate your children on the dangers of cyber trafficking and sharing too much online.

If you do not know where to start in terms of limiting your kids online access, try this website BeWebSmart, where you can learn how to block certain app downloads.  As a parent or guardian, you have the right to check your minor’s devices, and should do so regularly and without warning.

It really is for their own good.