“Let me hug you till you pop!”

“My name’s Huggy Wuggy
Body fuzzy and cuddly
Don’t you wanna come and hug me?
Hug me ’til you die”

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Poppy Playtime is a survival horror video game developed and published by MOB Games in which the player takes on the role of a former employee who returns to a toy factory ten years after it was abandoned by the game’s in-universe company Playtime Co. after its employees vanished[2].

The character is from the 2021 horror video game Poppy Playtime, but it’s showing up in places and videos where it shouldn’t, including a ‘fan’ episode of the wildly popular kid-friendly series Peppa Pig and on social media.

Huggy Wuggy[3] was created by Playtime CO.[4] to be loved by children. The toy quickly became the company’s most successful product, but he was eventually corrupted with a transferred but corrupted human conscience, transforming him into a monster at some point before the events of the game.

To deceive the protagonist, he pretended to be a statue in his first appearance. Huggy Wuggy vanishes from his pedestal as soon as the protagonist grabs the key and turns the power back on in a room (which requires said key), and he stalks the player throughout the game from vents or high, inaccessible places. It will not emerge from the shadows and pursue the player through the conveyor belt tunnels until the player flees into the darkness. Huggy Wuggy snatches the player and kills them with its teeth when they fail to reach the catwalk at the end of the belt.

If the player can reach the catwalk, they must pull a box to block and destroy the creature, causing both of them to fall. Huggy If the player survives, Wuggy falls into the void after colliding with some pipes. It’s unclear whether it lived or died as a result of this.

Huggy is a monstrous, bloodthirsty beast. He was tasked with chasing the protagonist down a hatch as one of his first roles in the game. Despite his seemingly mindless violent nature, he is capable of manipulating and devising strategies to attack his opponents, as demonstrated when he actively lured the protagonist deeper into the facility, stalking them but slowing his pursuit when he realized he had them cornered.

Concerningly, Justine Brown, a UK-based principal, claims that students on the playground have started imitating Huggy Wuggy, “hugging and whispering nasty things in the recipient’s ear.”

A parent in the United Kingdom discovered her three-year-old son watching Huggy Wuggy on the gaming platform Roblox, which is even more disturbing:

“He got to the point where he couldn’t tell the difference between reality and video games.” “He tried to climb up my bedroom window, saying he’d die and resurrect, telling me that’s what Huggy Wuggy does,” the mother said, adding that she is now extra cautious.

Children as young as five are being traumatised after watching videos of a killer teddy known as “Huggy Wuggy,” prompting police, schools, and concerned parents to issue warnings.

After videos slipped through Youtube and TikTok filters, schoolchildren have been acting out the razor-toothed horror game character’s actions in the playground.

The terrifying clips show the creature singing about “hugging and killing” and asking viewers to “take their last breath.”[5]

In several Huggy-related videos, Wuggy starts out innocently but quickly turns “nightmarish.”

An American Sheriffs department issued a press release that other problems are arising as a result of the game’s themes, such as:

      • Offensive language
      • Cartoon representations of alcohol use
      • Blood
      • Stabbings
      • Decapitations
      • Attempted murder
      • Murder
      • The bloody aftermath of a car crash.

Sharon Knowles, who educates youngsters, teenagers, parents, and teachers around cyber safety, stated that the character is “all over YouTube and TikTok” and uses “quite graphic imagery of this bear-like character with razor-sharp teeth.” Because there is no age rating, the game can be found on sites like YouTube and Roblox, and it has disturbing content that hasn’t been censored. She explained that it’s based on jump scares and other things you wouldn’t want children exposed to.

Makro has the Huggy Wuggy soft toy listed the category baby-toddler-kids plush toys. With a teddy bear that threatens to hug you to death I won’t be buying this toy anytime soon.



Watch a few videos ( Parents Tip : Watch in the daytime)


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