Social Media for Students – good or bad?

While we know that you have to be 18 years of age in order to sign up to most social media sites, we also know that kids are smart.  So, its suffice to say that most students are on social media in one form or another.  But should social media for students be curbed in a big way?

Many studious folk are saying that students, whether they are school-going age or in tertiary education, shouldn’t be on social media at all. They are claiming that it’s a disturbance of gravitational impact.  Students should be focused on their studies and not on what is going on around them in a social capacity.  They too think that social media for students is the biggest culprit when it comes to cyberbullying episodes.

While this isn’t necessarily our viewpoint, we would be interested in knowing what other students, parents and educators think of this notion.


An article from New Zealand revealed that an Auckland school urged parents to keep their kids off social media for the entire 2 years they were enrolled. While they are at liberty to control whether students access social media platforms whilst on school grounds, using school Wi-Fi, should they have a say as to what happens at home?

We understand the school’s concerns, which mostly revolve around what the students are focusing on (i.e. studies or social life) and eliminating as much of cyber bullying as they can. After all, if a child isn’t online they cannot be cyber bullied.  And, we all know that cyber-attacks are less controllable than real life ones.

Many of the schools who commented were not happy with the high expenses forked out to handle the social cases put forward.  Generally, the cyber bullying involves students at the same school, and generally the school is asked to get involved at some point or another.  They are of the mind that money can be better spent elsewhere.  It is not that they do not want to get involved, and they very much are concerned by the online battering that occurs, its mostly that they feel it could be greatly curbed if the students didn’t have online access.

There is a reason why Facebook has an age restriction on the download of their app.  But, this doesn’t help the students that are over 18 and at college or university.  Should there be super strict restrictions put in place, we know that these “adults” will be the first to get onboard.  And, in any case, most under-agers will lie about their age when signing up.

In addition, Facebook is launching a kids Facebook app or at least a platform for kids to chat to one another.  Many are up in arms over it.

social media for students - good or bad?


At the end of the day, the onus lies with the parents and guardians.  It is up to them to place restrictions on the under-agers or even over 18-year-old students, they look after.

They have to buy into the idea that social media platforms are bad for young folk.  They would have to see what actually goes on during a cyber bullying war.  They would need to ascertain whether their child or young adult would be susceptible to such attacks.


Should it rather land up being an education process rather than an instruction?  We all know how young people react to being told what to do and what they cannot do.  They will find a way. So, lets educate them on the dangers.  Let’s give them all the intel – the good, the bad and the ugly.

With those under 18’ers, we can set up parental control apps, ESET is a great option, so check it out.  For the over 18’s, and in addition for the young ones, let us sit them down and make sure we are all on the same page.

Social media has its place and there are merits to being online, even for the younglings, so we believe education is best in answering whether social media for students should be curbed or not.