The 5 Big Culprits of Online Life

Knowing what the 5 big culprits of online life are will help you to protect yourself.  I get pretty nervous when I am asked to input my identification number when online.  Many companies are asking for very personal details nowadays, even just to receive a newsletter from them.

The 5 Big Culprits of Online Life

We are a trusting nation.  We really are.  We pop onto a site that someone has recommended and before we know it we have divulged our full name, our ID number, our address and our cell phone number.

What we don’t know, and this doesn’t apply to all the sites we visit, is that this is what hackers are looking for.  They know which sites ask for this information, and they hang around, waiting for an unsuspecting victim.  Just with those few pieces of data, they are able to infiltrate your life.

If you have never been the victim of identity fraud or had money spliced off your account, then you will not know the horror and nausea that are the reactions to this type of theft.

Know the 5 big culprits of online life and save yourself a whole lot of heartache and drama.


1.   IP Addresses

An IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique code that is left behind whenever you are online.  You may have watched an episode of CSI where they were able to trace someone through their IP Address, well it may not be as easy as that for the man on the street, but for a hacker, it is.  The IP Address shows you which city and province you live in, as well as who your internet provider is.  You can use a VPN (a Virtual Private Network) to hide your IP Address.  There are many providers and mostly is an inexpensive route to go.  Just beware of those hiding behind the hacker mask who offer these services.  Ensure it is a reputable provider.


2.   Mobile Transmitters

Our cell phones are a big culprit when it comes to giving away our whereabouts.  Many a suspicious husband has tracked their possibly-wandering spouse via their cell phone GPS (Global Positioning Systems).  Hackers can do the same. And, not only hackers, but those wishing to find you for other untoward reasons.  A way to stop this, if you are feeling unsafe or don’t require your GPS, is to switch off your location facilities on your mobile.

5 big culprits of online life

3.   Usernames

We have mentioned passwords before, and how they should be super unique and as impossible as possible to crack.  Well, usernames should follow the same course.  Most times we use our names as our usernames, and that isn’t a good thing at all.  Make up something quite obscure and store the username and password that goes with it in an app that is built to protect this info.


4.   Videos and Image Uploads

Sure, we all love to upload a funny video or endearing image to our social media platforms.  But, this also leaves a digital footprint each and every time.  It’s a tough one to curb, as we are provided with so many ways where we can share our news and every day activities.  That harmless picture you took of yourself and your kid on the beach whilst out sunning on a holiday in Plett, may just come back to bite you.  We want to tell you to not post these, but we know you will.


5.   Online Chat Platforms

Now, we not going to tell you that one of the 5 big culprits of online life needs to stop, but its best to be aware.  Much like uploading your images and videos is a normal way of life, so are chat platforms.  This pertains to WhatsApp, SMS’s, Skype and other online chat platforms.  To be safe, don’t reveal anything you wouldn’t want a stranger to know whilst chatting. This covers your ID number, your address, your whereabouts and any other personal info.


Keep yourself safe, people, should you want to keep surfing around the online world.  Know what the 5 big culprits of online life are, and try to make a plan to reduce your vulnerability.