The Danger of Dating Apps – what young women should be aware of

We do everything online nowadays, from shopping to fitness, from banking to chatting.  So, it’s not surprising that dating has turned to the online portals too.  But young women should be very aware of the danger of dating apps.

And, of course, by communicating and connecting with other people via these online dating apps, it means that its way easier than face to face.  At least, the initial contact is, you know, those early awkward days of chatting with a potential love interest.

There are many who are seeking love or companionship via these portals, but there are even more that are looking for a victim.  And, by victim we mean someone for them to solicit sex from, steal from, or even do grievous bodily harm to.

With so many mobile applications, as well as computer-based sites, on the market, namely, Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr, SeekingArrangement, Elite Singles, Be2, and CDate, just to name a few, the victims are ripe for the picking.

A recent Fox News interview tells us how the 20-somethings are more at risk and how they need to be aware of the danger of dating apps.  They are essentially, fresh out of school or college, looking to find their way in the world, and wanting to share it all with a special someone.

Dating apps are an easy and effective way of meeting that special someone.  You don’t have to go through all that awkward initial moments and old-fashioned way of meeting.  You can get straight into it via messaging and possibly videoing or calling.

However, the very nature of these apps can lead to you being duped into thinking that the person on the other side has a genuine story and really has your best interests at heart.

It’s not to say that there aren’t good, honest people out there, also looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, but it is advisable to approach these platforms with caution.

Here are a few tips to assist you in seeing the possible dangers of dating apps so that you can get the best experience from these portals.  And, if you are a parent reading this, then be sure to check out our other articles around protecting your children.

dating apps

1.    Never give out your personal information

It is fine to use your real first name, but forego your surname and never give your personal mobile number or address out


2.    Adjust your location settings on the app

With some apps your exact address, to the number of your house, can be visible to the other party, so ensure you remove that functionality through your settings


3.    When meeting someone in person, proceed with caution

Should you get to that point where you will meet, rather meet in a very public place and park where the foot traffic is high, rather than in some dingy underground parking area.  In addition, make sure they do not follow you home


4.    Listen to your gut reaction

At any time, whether during engagement via the app, or on a date, you feel uncomfortable, rather don’t continue.  You have the right to politely back out.  Do not feel pressured to stay connected to that person, or continue with the date


5.    If you feel stuck, reach out to the authorities or a friend

If you land yourself in a position where you feel you cannot get out or leave, then make sure you have the authorities or a friend on speed dial.  An even bigger safeguard is to tell a few people where you are going and who you are meeting with. If you do not check back in at certain times during the date, then they must come to you


This all may seem very extreme, but those that want more than your conversation will do extreme things to get it.  They will ply you with gifts.  Tell you that you are the best thing to walk into their lives.  That they cannot believe how they feel about you.  And, when the timing is right, will revert to someone you will not recognize.

Be safe!  Be super cautious!  And, be aware of the danger of dating apps!