Facebook stalker

5 Ways you can stop a Facebook Stalker

Facebook stalker or real life Jack the Ripper – both can be just as scary. It can be flattering, there is no doubt, when you discover that someone is watching you.  Or more accurately, stalking you.  A little part of us does feel a bit weirded out, but another part…

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How to manage and protect your children on social media

Today’s children have access to so many technologies from mobile phones to social media, online digital games and more. While the Internet can provide children with great educational benefits, it’s also a dangerous place where children can encounter unethical and unscrupulous people, even when they are sitting in the ‘safety’…

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Advice for Teachers

It’s a worldwide problem. Bullying has many manifestations, many forms, and many victims. But they all have one thing in common: people get hurt and it needs to stop. 

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