Hackers and High School

Hackers are not only interested in big corporates and high-flying companies.  A hacker can also infiltrate your high school via the networks that exist.   In fact, it is easier for them to hit a high school, than a company.

Understanding Hacker’s Modus Operandi


The main reason why a person would hack into a system would be to gain some financial reward from it.  They spend large amounts of time trying to breach security networks in order to get in via the backdoor.  Their reasons, for gaining access, will differ from hacker to hacker, as in what they want from the system, but generally its information they can use to solicit a bribe or steal money.

Your high school is definitely not off the list of possible hacking projects.  So, ensuring that you put all the security measures in place is vital to protect the school, the teachers, the students and the parents of the students.


What are the possible holes in your school’s security?


  1. Students are constantly online

Between their cell phones, their laptops, and their tablets, students are constantly online.  Whether they are hooked in via your network’s Wi-Fi or trolling along on their own service providers connection, they are still a risk to your security.

You should have a policy in place that is communicated to all students about what material and platforms are banned whilst on your premises.  While this is a tough one to monitor and control, it is best to put it out there.

  1. Students are defiant in obeying

Yes, this one is an obvious one, but educating them as to why it’s important to obey the cyber and security rules you promote, will be a good start.

You could host a once a term video/question and answer session, whereby you show them the risks of not complying and then allow them to broach topics they feel they need answers on.  You will be surprised at how much students do know about cyber security, hackers and the risks.  But, there is no harm in reiterating it and finding out new angles yourself.

  1. Students don’t have the facilities to download protection apps

As there are many apps and pieces of software you can download to protect your devices, some students may not know how or be able to.  Opening up a certain protected section within your school, where the students can link to your connection, download the protecting apps, and move on, would be a good step to take.


A few quick tips to offer to your students

Post this out on a broadcast message to all your students:

  • Keep all passwords safe and change them regularly
  • Do not download these apps and forms of material (list them)
  • Be aware and mindful of what you share to other students and to the public
  • Understand what a hacker is all about and what to be aware of
  • If you are uncomfortable, or suspect hackers infiltration, then share it with the school


It would be a good idea to get all this info out to parents as well.  They can also be part of protecting their children and your high school.