ESET Parental Control for Android protects children who are using smartphones and tablets, and does so in a child-friendly way. It shields them from inappropriate or offensive online content by completely blocking access to select website categories. A more liberal mode makes it possible to just monitor the child’s website visits, or following a request, to unblock an app or website that was previously banned. In addition, a useful tool with kids − parents can keep control over the length of time spent using apps or gaming, or block inappropriate apps altogether based on the child’s maturity level. In an emergency, a parent can locate the child based on his/her device that’s connected to the Internet.

Key Benefits
• Protect your kids on the web
• Know what apps your kids use and when
• Child-friendly communication
• Reach your kids any time
• Easily manage Parental Control across Android devices

Protect your kids on the web
Rely on the features that help you protect children from inappropriate online content.
• List of most visited websites
• Web Guard
• Monitoring-only mode for websites
• Reports
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